Are you suffering from inconsistent sales or business year after year? Do you want to grow faster than your competitors but don’t know how? Do you strive to become a leader in your business or industry but feel you just don’t have the know-how? Would you like to hire and retain the best salespeople in the country?

Sales Booster is different from the thousands of sales books out there, in two refreshingly unique ways.

First, it is an action book that will teach you how to effectively implement the new science of selling in your business and work. It is not just in the knowing but also in the doing. Most sales leaders and entrepreneurs know what needs to be done, but few know how it needs to be done. Not only has Nimesh brought forward the new science of selling in the twenty-first century, but at the end of every chapter, he demystifies execution strategies that almost guarantee sales success.

Second, Sales Booster offers insightful interviews with leaders from some of the world’s greatest organisations, knowledgeable people who experience profits by multiplying their sales year after year. This real-life sales wisdom was acquired over decades, and the interviewees come from a wide variety of industries and geography; every reader will find something relevant for any work or business. The book caters to everyone who wishes to succeed in sales, be it an individual, corporation, entrepreneur, or a large organisation.

This work was written to answer a universal business question: Why are some salespeople more successful than others? After fourteen years of hard-core experience, the writer began to understand the science behind it all. Implementation of this great wisdom resulted in tremendous increases in sales, which jumped ten times in just two years. Now, Sales Booster will pass this sales wisdom on to salespeople, corporations, and entrepreneurs, catapulting them to a bigger bottom line, faster than ever before.

Learn How...

  • Goal-setting can help you achieve anything you want, ten times faster!
  • Become one of the top 20 percent among sales leaders or businesses in the country, and most importantly, remain in that top 20 percent indefinitely.
  • Convert objections from customers into sales.
  • Become truly creative in selling.
  • Develop a pleasing personality and become an efficient sales professional.
  • Discover the real reasons why customers buy.
  • Learn about the importance of relationship in the business of lifelong sales.
  • Solve the great mystery: Is sales a science or an art?
  • Be keenly aware of the psychology of closing.


Why do the top 20 percent of businesses earn 80 percent of profits and the top 20 percent of sales leaders earn 80 percent of the income?

  • Make competition irrelevant.
  • Learn the five elements of personal success in any field.
  • Build lifelong relationships with lifetime customers.
  • Master the science and art of closing sales.
  • Get more referrals and glean the benefits of client testimonials.
  • Your real net worth is your network.
  • Why most salespeople or business owners fail?
  • Prepare your sales pitch and presentation to uncover customer needs.
  • Be a time management expert, as all top sales leaders and CEOs of large organisations are.


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"Turn around your company or business by implementing simple yet scientifically proven sales principles."

V.Prema and V.Natarajan,
Authors of Client Satisfaction 2.0

"Nimesh has redefined the characteristics of Leadership in the 21st century."

Rajiv Talreja,
Author of Lead or Bleed

"As a how-to guide, this book contains everything you may need to know in sales. Brimming with straightforward strategies, corporate, entrepreneurs & sales people can use the strategies to boost their sales year on year."

David Bunney,
Author of Success Leaves a Trail

"If I could read only one book on sales, Sales Booster is the one I would choose!"

Sharon Woo,
Author of Secrets of the Financially Free

"A reader will succeed in any field if he follows the five elements of Human Success shared in this book."

Dr. Iqbal K M,
Author of Unlimited Income Now

"A Bible for every salesperson/entrepreneur/ company to build a lifetime relationship with their clients."

Jack H. M. Wong,
Author of Cracking the Entrepreneur Code

"A fantastic handbook for businesses/entrepreneurs to make their sales team effective and efficient."

Benjamin Foo,
Author of iPossible™!

“If any company/entrepreneur/salesperson wishes to know why they are not in the top 20%, this is the book they should read.”

Alexander Woo,
Author of Work Hard, Die Poor? Or Work Smart, Retire Young and Rich?