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Author Nimesh Mehta is Today’s Honoree

"I believe everyone is in SALES. Irrespective of the title, position or profession every person is selling an idea, concept, product or service to other person. Nothing happens until sale takes place in the company or country. Sales Booster is for everyone who wants to maximize success in his personal and professional life"


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"Turn around your company or business by implementing simple yet scientifically proven sales principles." 

V.Prema and V.Natarajan, authors of Client Satisfaction 2.0



"Nimesh has redefined the characteristics of Leadership in the 21st century."

Rajiv Talreja, author of Lead or Bleed

"As a how-to guide, this book contains everything you may need to know in sales. Brimming with straightforward strategies, corporate, entrepreneurs, and salespeople can use the strategies to boost their sales year on year."

David Bunney, author of Success Leaves a Trail

"If I could read only one book on sales, Sales Booster is the one I would choose!"

Sharon Woo, author of Secrets of the Financially Free

"A reader will succeedin any field if he follows the five elements of Human Success shared in this book."

Dr Iqbal K M, author of Unlimited Income Now

"A Bible for every salesperson/entrepreneur/ company to build a lifetime relationship with their clients."

Jack H. M. Wong, author of Cracking the Entrepreneur Code

"A fantastic handbook for businesses/entrepreneurs to make their sales team effective and efficient."

Benjamin Foo, author of iPossible™!

"If any company/entrepreneur/salesperson wishes to know why they are not in the top 20%, this is the book they should read."

Alexander Woo, author of Work Hard, Die Poor? Or Work Smart, Retire Young and Rich?

Sales Booster.. Practical , Insightful , Must Own for Every Sales Person

"What l like about the book is how simple, practical and insightful the book. Most of the examples given are easy to relate to and most of the tips are easy to implement. Also the author is someone who seems to have risen through the ranks starting as a sales executive which is even better since it not the "Typical TOP Management Gyan from 10000 Ft" but little little thing that if imbibed will take each sales person a long way up the corporate ladder. Definitely recommend INVESTING in a copy of SALES BOOSTER and also gifting a copy to your respective sales team members. Q & A in book by industry leaders is an added bonus" - Vinod K.

Exceptional rendition of Sales & different aspects of life.

"Fantastic read, the book dwells around different aspects of life be it be professional or personal.It is more of pragmatic in nature and entails different situation and the ways & means to approach the same in a more positive way.All the success mantras by different leaders and successful people are written in a very graspable manner in this book .Highly recommended to them who wants to achieve success in both personal & professional life and moreover understand the importance of "TIME' which Almighty has given equally to all of us." - Amazon Customer

Best read for serious people..

"I have Just started reading this book and i am enjoying this.Given 4* based on my current experience and shall review the rating once i finish the book. The special part of it is the topics covered. This book is meant for the professionals from all sphere of life and mostly deals with leadership qualities and secrets of achieving highs, both professional and personal front." - Amazon Customer

A great practical book on sales and personal development.

"A great book on sales and personal development by an experienced Indian author who practices what he has written. Nimesh book is a interesting read in a conversational style which hook you with the book till the end, he has given lots of anecdotes from his personal life and experience in sales industry to explain his points clearly. A great value adding book indeed." - Sanjeev Singh

Amazing written.

"Thia is about journey of a true sales guy from the hardships faced and overcoming the difficulties to become a success. Again it's simple techniques and secrets of top leaders helps us understand the skills needed to be a true salesman. Amazingly written." - Amit

Excellent book covering the understanding of various sales strategies and ...

"Excellent book covering the understanding of various sales strategies and providing a practical approach where anybody can relate & implement the concept to real life. I moreover liked the sales wisdom from the insightful interviews with the business leaders.. I definitely recommend this book to people who are looking at improving themselves both professionally & personally." - Badal Kumar
"It is fantastic and I have started using it as my study book. Very strong personal insights and real life examples of the author and who's who of Indian corporates. It is written in simple language, very easy to understand and one can emulate the learnings in his own life to succeed." - Jatin Agarwal

It provides great insight and learning into the skills that are needed ...

"A must have for sales professionals. It provides great insight and learning into the skills that are needed to excel and breaks them down into clear cut actionables. I could relate to whats written in the book and can immediately assess the areas that I need to work on." - MANOJ SALUJA

Awesome... Must for sales people

"Awesome.... Read the sample and it looks like a must have for all sales people as well as all wanting to understand what makes leaders vs masses - the difference in their thinking and how to approach business in general. Looking forward to reading the full book" - Himanshu G.

Gives a good perspective on how leaders think and what worked for ...

"The book covers practical aspects of sales and author does well to bridge the gap between knowing & doing. Some interviews covered in the book are also interesting. Gives a good perspective on how leaders think and what worked for them." - Bharat M.

Fantastic read for sales in the current day!

"An awesome book about the in-depth insights in the field of sales that makes for a value adding read! Totally worth all the efforts in putting together a clear winner for all those aspiring a career in sales!" - Amazon Customer

This book gives great insight about how people have to move out of ...

"Very insightful .This book gives great insight about how people have to move out of their comfort zone to achieve something which they have never achieved. Really impressed with this aspect of the book" - Amazon Customer

Good well written book

"Good well written book. Two things that one can learn by reading the book. 1. Self discipline 2. Positivity in life." - Kinjal Jhaveri


"Awesome book and really am flabbergasted seeing the achievement of our reader Mr.Nimesh Mehta" - Nimit Kadakia

Five Stars


Five Stars

"Excellent read on sales" - mitul bharmani